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Icon Zoysia

450 sq. ft. pallet
$353.33 per pallet
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Icon Zoysia is known for its rich, uniform green color, which has hints of blue and stays vibrant even during extreme heat and temperature fluctuations. This makes it an eco-friendly and budget-friendly choice, because you don’t need to water excessively or fertilize frequently to maintain a lush, healthy lawn that’s easy on the eyes. And depending on the broadness of the blade, Icon Zoysia also has a soft texture that makes it easy on the feet. This grass comes in moderate to broad blade varieties, all specific improvements upon the rocky coastal grasses that first spawned it.

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This product needs to be ordered 7 days before desired delivery date.

We do not guarantee times of arrival, but ensure the sod will arrive on the date that is scheduled.

We recommend having it delivered one day before the installation date as deliveries can run into late evenings.

We currently do not deliver on Saturday/Sunday.